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Exploring Beaglebone WROX – Wiley

Professional Javascript for Web Developers 4th edition – Wiley

Javascript: The New Toys – Wiley

Writer – Intel Developer Zone

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md5sum: Verify the Integrity of a Downloaded ISO with md5sum

ffmpeg extraction of images: Extract Images from Available Open Source Computer Vision Sample Videos Created for Inference Using FFmpeg

Run inference face detection: Run Inference of a Face Detection Model Using OpenCV* API with Added Time Date “Stamp” in the filename

Deep Learnig Workbench: Introduction to the Deep Learning Workbench in the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit on GNU Linux*

Quantized models: Choose FP16, FP32 or int8 for Deep Learning Models

Acceleration with Myriad: Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 and Half-Precision Floating Point (FP16)

Model Downloader and Optimizer: Use the Model Downloader and Model Optimizer for the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit on Raspberry Pi*

Remotely run demos X2Go: Remotely Run Demos on the IEI Tank* AIoT Developer Kit via X2Go*

Remotely run demos ssh: Remotely Run Demos on the IEI Tank* AIoT Developer Kit via ssh

Face Detection Multi-channel C++: Run the Multi-channel Face Detection in C++ demo included in the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit on the IEI Tank* AIoT Developer Kit

FOSS Content Creator Series

Writing for GNU Linux: FOSS Content Creator: Writing for GNU Linux* using GNU Linux*
Documentation Development lifecycle: FOSS Content Creator – Documentation Development Life Cycle for GNU Linux projects
Simple Script – scrot for screencapture: FOSS Content Creator Series: Simple Scripts – Screen Capture with scrot*

FOSS Content Creator Series: Is your content considered “Free Cultural Works”?FOSS Content Creator – Extract images from Word* docx with One Simple Command on GNU Linux* or use the proprietary application, WinZip*, for Windows*
FOSS Content Creator: Working with GNU Linux* Developers to Simplify Documentation