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Decade of the DMCA

When I was a student, I was invited to Harvard Berkman Center because I was taking a course: Intellectual Property in Cyberspace. I was also working with Wendy Seltzer on the DVD Discuss case. The group was very awesome. I worked with Peter Junger, Rick Moen, Rares Marian, and many more!

During lunch, I approached John Gilmore. This was around March 2000. We spoke about free software and we chatted about legal matters. He was very humble and he asked me: So what are you doing now? And I really thought about it. Just going to school, raising 3 babies…

As soon as I heard there was going to be a protest in D.C., I booked the train. I could never look in the mirror, I would always regret not going!

There are some pics on https://dmcasucks.com

Here is a copy of the book: A Decade of the DMCA

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