Debian Developer

2003 - Programmer Aries

Lead Debian Developer - Libre Respin


Chief GURU Copper GNU Linux User Group 2014 to present

Multiple projects

Kids on Computers
LibreOffice - Document Foundation


May 9, 2001 System Toolbox

MPAA v. 2600 Appeals: DeCSS Update

2001 Linux Magazine:

September 18, 2001 Digital footage of Dmitry Sklyarov at Aug 29 event

July 16, 2001 Trademark news

Killustrator now Kontour

2002-2003 EFF


2002-2003 FSF

Web Development and documentation/grant development for the Digital Speech Project - now Defective by Design

2003 IP Justice

Boilerplate grant materials

2003 Canac Kitchens

Guides for installation, HR, design and sales - process docs with rich media videos capturing

2003 Society for Technical Communicators - Rough Draft Phoenix, AZ

Setting Our Sights on Professionalism

2003 Linux Essentials (CompTia Linux+ certification training for Universities worldwide with Aries)


Pearson Technical Writer - Master Schedule Builder and transforming to digital


Evans Newton - WIP iTargetTeach Web App Documentation from scratch


Microchip Sr. Technical Writer - Technical Publisher

Design Center developer. C++ course content creator. Wrote installer - Linux for Masters Conference.

PicLe - the Pic Learning Environment distro development (project nixed in 2009, just before departure)

2008 Decade of the DMCA

Let me put the free pdf here

2008 Measures Implemented by PAC 10 universities for compliance with the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002

Local link to pdf:


2011 In Your Pocket, The DMCA

2015 CFEngine - Make Magazine

They gave me a beagle!

FOSS Content Creator: Intel

FOSS Content Creator: Writing for GNU Linux* using GNU Linux*

FOSS Content Creator - Documentation Development Life Cycle for GNU Linux projects

FOSS Content Creator Series: Simple Scripts - Screen Capture with scrot*

FOSS Content Creator Series: Is your content considered "Free Cultural Works"?

FOSS Content Creator - Extract images from Word* docx with One Simple Command on GNU Linux* or use the proprietary application, WinZip*, for Windows*

FOSS Content Creator: Working with GNU Linux* Developers to Simplify Documentation

AI author IoT developer zone: Intel

Introduction to the Deep Learning Workbench in the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit on GNU Linux*

Choose FP16, FP32 or int8 for Deep Learning Models

Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 and Half-Precision Floating Point (FP16)

Use the Model Downloader and Model Optimizer for the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit on Raspberry Pi*

Extract Images from Available Open Source Computer Vision Sample Videos Created for Inference Using FFmpeg

Remotely Run Demos on the IEI Tank* AIoT Developer Kit via X2Go*

Get Started with a Speech Recognition demo in the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit

Remotely Run Demos on the IEI Tank* AIoT Developer Kit via ssh

Run Inference of a Face Detection Model Using OpenCV* API with Added Time Date "Stamp" in the filename

Run the Multi-channel Face Detection in C++ demo included in the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit on the IEI Tank* AIoT Developer Kit

Verify the Integrity of a Downloaded ISO with md5sum


Exploring Beaglebone WROX - Wiley

Javascript for Web Developers - Wiley,+4th+Edition-p-9781119366447

New Toys - Wiley


2008 Last Hope

A Decade Under the DMCA

2019 Yale Law School

Copyright, Privacy, Surveillance, and Fundamental Rights

2020 LinuxFest Northwest

The Linux Developer Experience


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