So, I never really was transparent about my personal life with most people, as I kept my work and personal life separate.

All my career, all my community contributions, the conferences, the protests, the coding… I was a single mother of 3 (0 financial support) before I ever used or installed Linux, before I heard about the DMCA, and before I started coding.

People don’t know this about me. I was a working single mom with 0 child support from 1996 to 2014. By 2007, I had 5 babies.

Justina – who when she moved out made a Pringles can antenna on her own. Did not like Debian Jr as a child and went straight at it on potato.

Cordell – who worked on robots to donate to Mexico and rural areas

Zack – who installed red hat on the way to Boys and Girls Club at 12 years old

Alex – Lua programmer and super techie. While we ate at our new house, Alex – 3 years old, finished setting up the network. No lie. Then at family day at Microchip, he did so well with a racing game and picked up the remote for a robot better than adults, the engineers called him Savant. He was 5.

William – Interested in Audio, Video and VR. As a child, used a script to fix an issue with his game. I was proud but disappointed he used VB…

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